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hi i am
im 16 and im bisexual

i love my gf!
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i've been drawing since i was about 11!

rainbow pentagram by MINECR-AFT[LGBT][PIXEL] Biromantic / Bisexual Shiba Inu by Lepedi 
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ok get ready 4 stamps some r ironic most r serious
up to you to figure that out, friends
mother fucker by MINECR-AFT It's ok if you want to drop dead by MINECR-AFT FAGS ONLY FUCK OFF by MINECR-AFT Adam Lambert blinkie by For-Always blinkie by MINECR-AFT I :heart: my online friends blinkie by MINECR-AFT f2u sleep deprived banner by amber-kat 72 by webcore-galore  Bisexual Badge by GlitchyXenon 
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